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In the month of September. Get whole home surge protection installed for only $900 

Power surges have always existed, but the need for effective whole house surge protector installation is greater than ever. Did you know some of the largest power surges come from within your own home? It’s not always thunderstorms or other external activity. A power surge occurs when the voltage exceeds the normal flow of electricity.

Surges differ from power spikes because the uninterrupted voltage increase lasts for more than a few seconds. Unexpected voltage surges may have devastating consequences

When thinking about options for an electrical wiring upgrade in your home, the issue of adequate surge suppression is an important consideration. Inexpensive plug-in surge suppressors offer some protection. However, individual suppressors function best as a second layer of protection after a whole-house surge suppressor installation.

The reason is simply because we have more electronic devices in the home than ever and those devices typically incorporate circuitry and microprocessors highly sensitive to voltage fluctuations. Power surges are transient spikes in voltage, that usually last only a few millionths of a second but can permanently damage vulnerable electronics.

People who own many expensive electronic items and appliances might want to look into the protection, which uses a device installed in the house's main electrical panel. Anyone can protect TVs and computers with portable surge protectors at the outlet, but many people don't think about the dishwasher, refrigerator or other electrically powered home aids.

*This offer is limited to Siemens FS060 FirstSurge and is intended for electrical panels up to 200 amps in size. Electrical permit cost and inspection is included in flat pricing. Distances further than 100km of Waterloo Region, Ontario, are subject to travel a charge. Check with your insurer about home insurance discounts that may be available with the installation of a whole home surge protection.

FirstSurge can achieve UL1449 listed 100kA SCCR - one of the highest ratings for residential surge protection.

Surge current capacities: 60,000A / 100,000A / 140,000A

Compatibility – device installs in any load center brand

10-year product and connected equipment warranty

FS060 - $50,000

FS100 - $75,000

FS140 - $100,000

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