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"OK google" turn off kitchen lights

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How it works, using your existing wifi network we will install a smart home assistant(s), hardwired smart switches, receptacles, light bulbs and lights. There are many configurations available. These devices allow you to view, control and interact with your home or business from any internet connected smart phone.

People should know what’s happening in their homes. We track calories, footsteps, miles per gallon; yet we know so little about our home.

Devices with connected capabilities we install include: 

Smart assistants with google or Alexa

Smart switches

Smart receptacles

Smart light bulbs

Smart lighting

Smart smoke detectors

Basement leak Detection

Whole home mesh wifi routers( some also have smart assistants built in)

Smart door locks 

Interior and exterior Smart cameras

Sense energy monitoring

Leviton Smart center electrical panels

1. Nest learning Thermostat HVAC control from anywhere, the system learns over time helping save money on heating and cooling

2. Sense energy monitor, track whole home energy usage, device learns and recognizes your electrical loads overtime allowing you to track where energy is wasted

3. Leviton smart load center, smart energy monitoring all breakers have ground protection built in, on off control from smart phone

4. Nest protect smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, available in hard wired or battery operation. 

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