ESA/ECRA 7014175

Our latest build

Opened on September 3 2019,

131 University Ave waterloo,

Total build time 8 months, 93 unit residential and 1 commercial

Typical slab

What you're seeing here is the electrical infrastructure for just a single floor in a high rise, by the  Stealth Electrical Contractors crew at an apartment in Waterloo. 

All electrical piping is laid between the reinforcing bar and concrete is poured this allows us to hide and keep all wiring secured in concrete. All electrical outlets and lighting boxes were laid with pinpoint accuracy using a trimble system. This allowed us to have consistent looking floors when viewed from outside. It is so satisfying seeing everything line up.

One of our underground services for the main building switch gear. We have developed our systems in house. This is to create ease of installation bringing time saving and efficiency

These are completed samples of our work, all electrical work neatly concealed and safely installed. This is where we get our name STEALTH, when we leave, all you see is your home.