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March 20, 2020

Open wiring in your home

If you’re familiar with this type of image when you walk by your electrical panel, get your mother on speed dial. unplug all your electronics, we need to to talk.

                                                      Open wiring is dangerous ! 😮

This picture should conjure up two things in your mind. First a raging house fire and second how easy it would of been to prevent. I’ll admit this is an extreme version, but its meant to get my point across that if its open and looks unsafe, then you should probably have that looked at.

This doesn’t only apply to open electrical panels.

Example: That home renovation bug hit and you have that amazing new paint colour, prep work might include masking off areas, laying down drop cloths and removing electrical covers etc.

Sometimes these get forgotten to be reinstalled or those little screws get lost. This type of problems are an easy fix, with a little trip to the hardware store and a few hand tools.

For the not so simple problems we are here to help. Electrical contractors. We have the skills, knowledge and ability to keep your household, business and life running smoothly. Electrical safety is everyones responsibility. You can trust Stealth electrical contractors to hold true to this statement.